The Fall Of Armenian Online Media

05.09.2019, Critique

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For the Armenian media field, the beginning of autumn is in some ways a small New Year when we can see where we have come from and, most importantly, where we are going. Let us try to understand how the summer went by and what waits for us in the near future.

If we look at media visits and their positions compared to one other, we will see that there have been some rearrangements in the past year. Let's use data from (not ideal, but the best on the market today).

And so, this summer there were seven news outlets among the 50 most visited platforms from Armenia. The top five looks like this:

Fifty sites include the Lragir and This is the overall picture.

A year ago the picture was different. Again there were seven websites in the fifty. But after many years at the forefront, BlogNews is no longer on the list. has lost quite a number of positions; A year ago it was the 22nd. The image can be seen here. It should be reiterated that calculations in Similarweb may contain subjective data. The same BlogNews has a much larger audience with Google Analytics.

Following the dynamics of a few years allows us to say that there may be more serious rearrangements in the media in the coming months: media financing is changing, the audience for social networks is changing, as are the interests and style of the audience.

An observation of Armenian media YouTube channels (according to Socialblade ratings) shows that the sharp rise in viewership since the revolution has continued to be maintained.

Looking at the top ten media outlets, we can clearly see that YouTube has become a separate platform.

Here's a look at the dynamics of some of the top rating media YouTube channels by the month:

Looking at the, so to speak, technical health of news websites, one can make interesting observations. 25% use Wordpress, and only 20% do not use Cloudflare to protect against hacking attacks.

More details on the technical section of the sites studied by Hexometer can be found in this video.

Samvel Martirosyan 

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